The 99 Cent Rental on iTunes this week -The Meddler

The Meddler is a 2016 American comedy-drama film directed and written by Lorene Scafaria. The film stars Susan Sarandon and Rose Byrne. The film was released on April 22, 2016, by Sony Pictures Classics.

The Meddler Review

Marnie Minervini (Susan Sarandon), a sixty-something mom who moves from New York to Los Angeles to be closer to her screenwriter daughter Lori (Rose Byrne), who just broke up with her actor boyfriend (Jason Ritter).


Marnie is one of those mothers who calls her daughter five times in the space of a couple of hours, leaving a message each time Lori doesn’t pick up, then leaves ten more messages throughout the day because she’s worried about not having heard back from her yet. Her daughter can’t take her relentlessness, so Marnie channels her energy into mothering strangers and near-strangers. She encourages a helpful Apple store clerk named Freddy (Jerrod Carmichael) to go to college and even gives him rides to and from school. When she finds out that a young lesbian mom named Jillian (Cecily Strong) can’t afford her fantasy wedding, she offers to foot the bill herself. Read the movie reviews below.


The Meddler is holding up that softening filter through which each of us sees the funny, maddening, indispensable people with whom we laugh, mourn and, if we’re lucky, find love. –Manohla Dargis, The NYTimes

Cheers to Scafaria, who admirably refuses to tie things up with pretty bows. She lets the pain seep in. — Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

Susan Sarandon pours on the New Yawk accent in “The Meddler,” an ingratiating semi-autobiographical comedy by Lorene Scafaria. —  Ann Hornaday, Washington Post 

Susan Sarandon plays Rose Byrne’s mother in “The Meddler” and, well, the title pretty much tells a moviegoer all they need to know. –Stephen Whitty, New York Daily News

Rent The Meddler HD Movie in 99 Cent on iTunes this week

Now you can rent The Meddler from iTunes Store in $0.99. And you can play the rented movies on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. However, It should be noted that rented movies are only available on a single device. That’s to say, if you rent it on your computer you can sync it to either your iPhone or iPad, but then it will disappear from your computer. If you want to watch the movie on your iPad or Apple TV, you can rent it directly from the device you want to watch, but you can only play the movie once.

Rented movies stay on your device for 30 days. However, once you begin to watch a film you have 24 hrs (in the US) and 48 hrs (elsewhere) to watch the movie before it disappears.

If you want to keep the rented movies for longer time, you can use M4V Converter Plus. It is an all-in-one iTunes movie converter, which can convert iTunes rented movies to unprotected MP4, MOV, WMV and other video formats. In this way, you can keep your rented movies for longer time. With a simple user interface, you can finish the conversion progress within three clicks: Add rented movies to the program–>Set the output format–>Start conversion.




iTunes Rentals Converter for WIndows
iTunes Rentals Converter for Mac

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