How to remove DRM from iTunes movie purchases & rentals



How to purchase or rent a movie from iTunes Store

Apple’s iTunes Storbuy-or-rent-itunes-moviese offers video files for sale and rent. The store’s page for each program or film has details on what options are available for buying or renting, along with the prices.

Browse the movies you want to watch and purchase them by clicking the By button. Movies and TV shows purchased from the iTunes Store are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM). These protected purchases can be:

  • Played on up to five authorized computers
  • Synced with your iPod, iPhone, or iPad
  • Synced with or streamed to your Apple TV
  •  Viewed only in iTunes and QuickTime Player

You can rent movies through the iTunes store on your computer or iOS device. To find movies available for rent, browse the iTunes Store and look for movies with a Rent button. Rental movies have a window of time in which you can watch. With rented movies, for example, you have 30 days to start watching and 24 hours to finish once you start.

How to remove DRM from iTunes movie purchases & rentals

M4V Converter Plus (for Mac & for Win) is one of the best DRM removal software and it’s because they’re always on the forefront of technology. It adopts advanced decryption technology and help users to remove DRM protection legally. Moreover, it can convert iTunes movies purchases & rentals to plain video formats, like M4V to MP4, M4V to AVI, M4V to VOB, M4V to MPEG-1 and so on.

With this DRM removal software, you can play any iTunes videos on practically every device ever and that includes the Kindle Fire HD, Sony Xperia Z5 Moto X Pure Edition and so on. M4V Converter Plus has a free trial version available for you. It’s accessible, simple to use, and it’s a good way to remove  DRM and play your any iTunes movies you haven’t met yet.

First step you should be to free download the installation package and install  it. You will find the simple user-interface of Mac version as follow.  If you use Windows platform, you can find the detailed info here.2d76d-screenshotAfter opening the M4V converting program, iTunes will open automatically. . Click on Add Movies button, it will pop up the adding window, now you can select iTunes movies you want to convert.add-moviesNext, you can customize the added movies: rename the movie, get specific segment from the big conversion, you should select the video format you want to get. As was mentioned above, you can convert iTunes M4V videos to common video formats like MP4, MOV. You  also can choose the mobile device according to you settings finished, you can start the conversion progress by hitting Convert button.

M4V Converter Plus is a powerful DRM removal software and it’s perfect for removing DRM from all your iTunes video files. Find more info at M4V Converter Plus Support Center.



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