What do people eat for breakfast outside of the US?

Answer by Zhu Zixin:

Can’t believe few mentioned Chinese food!

A typical breakfast in eastern China may include:

生煎(Fried plain bun)


麻球(Glutinous rice sesame ball)

wrapper with glutinous rice, meat paste and Chinese mushroom mince

粽子(rice dumpling/zongzi)
with pork

another kind, with bean paste

汤圆(sweet soup balls?/tangyuan
with sesame

叉烧包(cha siu baau/steamed bun stuffed with barbecued roast pork)

soy bean milk

小馄饨(small wonton)

锅贴(fried dumpling)

菜泡饭(rice in veggies soup

黄金糕(fried sponge cake)

刀切(little steamed buns)

酒酿圆子(glutinous rice dumpling in sweet rice wine)

葱油饼(green onion pie)

粢饭糕(pan fried rice cake)

煎饼果子(wok seared scallops)

粢饭(glutinous rice roll)

花卷(steamed twisted roll)

千层饼(multi-layer steamed bread)

红薯(sweet potato)

奶黄包(steamed creamy custard bun)

豆腐花(beancurd jelly


芝麻糊(sesame paste


some side dishes we eat with porridge:


酱黄瓜(pickled cucumbers)

榨菜(hot pickled mustard tuber)

腌萝卜(pickled radish)

My mouth is watering!!!

What do people eat for breakfast outside of the US?


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