Why is it so hard to burn iTunes movie to DVD?

Answer by Leo Sudas:

To burn iTunes movies to DVD, there are 2 steps you need to finish.
First Remove DRM from iTunes movies, otherwise you can’t use a standard video converter to convert iTunes movies.
For purchased movies,  You can use the following DRM Removal software (one of them) to get the goal

  1. M4V Converter Plus (Convert iTunes M4V Rental to MP4, purchased M4V to MOV converter)
  2. IntactHD M4V to MP4 Converter. (M4V Converter, convert purchased M4V to MP4, M4V rental to MP4)
  3. Kigo M4V Converter (Convert any M4V to MOV, convert purchased M4V to MP4 format)

1 & 3 support removing DRM from iTunes movie rentals.

Second burn the unprotected video files to DVD.
Also the most simple way, use one video burner (Video Converter Pro) to help.
In addition, there are also kinds of tools to remove DRM from iTunes music, and convert to MP3 format, like Mac M4P Converter (Convert iTunes M4P to MP3 on Mac, Convert iTunes music to unprotected AAC), or iTunes Converter (iTunes M4P Converter for Mac OS X).
Hope it helpful.

Why is it so hard to burn iTunes movie to DVD?


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