How to add iTunes video into Flash video

Currently Flash is widely used in web design, web advertising, web animation, multimedia educational software, game design, business description, products, and electronic photo albums and other fields. It is because of Flash animation is a vector animation format with a small, good compatibility, visually dynamic, interactive and powerful and many other advantages.

You can also make a flash video yourself with iTunes video. Just need to remove the DRM protection from iTunes video, for iTunes DRM videos can only be played on Apple devices with authorized account.

With M4V Converter Plus, the DRM can be removed absolutely from iTunes video. In addition, M4V Converter Plus supports the common used flash formats like FLV, SWF and F4V. You can convert iTunes video right for flash video during removing DRM.

Convert iTunes video according to the following steps. Then you can add iTunes video into your flash video

Step 1. Download M4V Converter Plus, install and run on your Mac.

Step 2.  Add iTunes video to M4V Converter Plus.

Click “Add Movies” button and choose a video listed in the TVShows window. Then click “Add”.

Step 3. Choose the flash video format.

Click “Convert to” drop-down list and choose “Universal SWF Video” as the output format.

Step 4. Start conversion on Mac.

Click Convert button to open the converting box and start converting.

After converting is done, you can find the output in the history list. With M4V Converter Plus, you can get the output with flash format. Then you can add iTunes video to make your flash video.


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